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Guarantee of quality

Uniform Quality Guaranteed by the Quality Assurance Department and its Testing Systems

In addition to rigorous worker inspections of finished products, the Quality Assurance Department also compiles quantitative data from measurement equipment on the desorption strength of snap fastener performance, product quality, plate color variation, and product deterioration after use. This data is continually shared with production and administrative departments to maintain uniform quality and reduce loss. In addition, the department discloses measurement results to customers upon request to ensure products can be used safely and with customer satisfaction.

  • Colorimeter


    A colorimeter uses samples and allows us to measure and quantify color variation with much more precision than the human eye. Careful management of this data ensures plating is of uniform quality.

  • Profile Projector

    Profile Projector

    A profile projector allows us to check the machining accuracy of products by measuring the profile. This reduces unstable quality in the production process and ensures products maintain their features and characteristics.

  • Schopper Snap Action Testing Machine

    Schopper Snap Action Testing Machine

    The Schopper testing machine enables us to manage quantitative data on the desorption strength of snap fasteners' spring back. This makes it possible to always deliver products with uniform performance when it comes to snapping and unsnapping.

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Tank

    Constant Temperature and Humidity Tank

    Our constant temperature and humidity tank enable us to perform accelerated environmental testing in high temperature and high humidity conditions to verify product durability, which ensures our products can be used in any environment.

  • Peel Testing Machine

    Peel Testing Machine

    The peeling strength of snap fasteners is one of our most important safety standards. This peel strength testing, helps to enhance the quality and customer satisfaction associated with our products.