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Celebrating the Crown Mark's 65th Anniversary

The World-Renowned Crown Mark Turns 65

Hisanaga Seisakusho's crown mark got its start back in 1947. Four years later in 1952, we entered the metal fastener industry and began manufacturing spring snap fasteners. Later, we would bring many new products to market, including the American snap fastener for which we acquired a product development patent. In the years that followed, we went on to establish a leading presence in the metal snap fastener industry as a manufacturer with modern precision presses and plastic machining technologies. Today, the crown mark can be found on snap fasteners around the world. Recently, we have expanded operations into the precision device and healthcare fields to expand the business opportunities offered by our proprietary precision press plastic machining technologies.

Hisanaga Seisakusho recognizes that during the process of building relationships of trust with its stakeholders, by proudly developing, manufacturing and supplying top quality products, the crown mark has become a fixture in society. Moving forward, we stand committed to helping society, culture and peoples’ lifestyles grow and flourish.