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High Crown for Leather "Kawa Series"

High Crown for Leather "Kawa Series"

Did you know that metal parts attached to leather materials
can be degraded due to corrosion?

Leather degrades metal more compared to other fabrics.

Water is not the main cause of metal degradation.
Residual materials attached to the leather
is the cause of degradation.

Metal degradation could be caused by residual materials of chemical
after the process of tanning leather, ammonia gas produced by leather,
humidity, temperature and duration.

For countermeasure of these degrading issues,
you could either hide the easily degraded material or just give up the solution in the past.

Hisanaga therefore designed the product
especially for leather goods.

Hisanaga's Brass S-spring Snap High Crown series proudly introduces
"High Crown for Leather", compatible for assembling on leather products.

Features of High Crown for Leather

The unique plating technology
and high quality lacquer
apply to all the parts of snaps

Hisanaga's unique top quality lacquer protects products from degrading factors caused by leather application and humid environment.

VP Clear finish

VP Clear is using luxurious enamel-like lacquer.

Efficacy of resistance of High Crown for Leather

Observation result of high stress test called Jungle Test
for High Crown for Leather and standard product.

Jungle Test is an accelerated aging test that uses aggravated conditions
of heat and humidity to speed up the normal aging process of products.
The following pictures show the result of the Jungle Test
with temperature of 70C and 90% humidity for 72 hours.

The Jungle Test result also proves the efficacy of resistance of High Crown for Leather.

We recommend High Crown for Leather for your leather products

For Brass S-Spring Snap High Crown Series 1 to 7, we also provide High Crown for Leather, with the enhanced plating and coating technology.
Please order this product when you assemble snaps on leather products.