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Corporate History

March 1947 Hisanaga Seisakusho Limited is established and Hisanaga Shimizu is appointed representative director.
Begins manufacturing and selling snap fasteners under the registered crown mark trademark.
April 1949 Begins manufacturing Momosuzu, an exported metal toy whistle.
March 1951 Begins manufacturing metal spring snap fastener.
March 1956 Successfully develops the American snap fastener for export and commences mass production, and acquires product development patents for its spring snap fastener and American snap fastener.
November 1956 Receives Director-General Award of Tokyo Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry for its business streamlining program.
September 1964 Reorganizes into Hisanaga Seisakusho Co., Ltd., and adds the latest press machines and machine tools.
February 1969 Newly opens former Chiba Factory in Yotsukaido City, successfully develops numerous new products, and through an expansion in its export structure people around the world begin using crown mark snap fasteners.
September 1973 Successfully develops the American round snap spring fastener.
February 1975 Develops ring snap fasteners and begins manufacturing cosmetics dishes.
December 1979 Expands Chiba Factory and completes first streamlining program with addition of the latest press machines.
April 1980 Hisanaga Shimizu receives the Medal with Yellow Ribbon from the Prime Minister of Japan for his trade promotion efforts.
August 1986 Connects head office with the Chiba Factory.
February 1989 Opens No. 2 Chiba Factory
May 1991 Keiyo Shimizu is appointed representative director and Hisanaga Shimizu becomes chairman.
April 1992 Begins manufacturing medals for amusement applications.
July 1993 Develops Erix, a static electricity prevention band.
Successfully develops compact flash (CF) card.
September 2000 Acquires ISO9001 certification.
March 2002 Acquires ISO14001 certification.

(As of June 10, 2012)